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Aquaculture Improver Programme

This program supports farms that have not yet been able to obtain ASC certification but are committed to further improving their farming practices for the benefit of social standards and the environment. As a partner of the AIP, the Luna team has been trained by the ASC-IP team to enhance their understanding of the ASC standard requirements and good practices before transferring the knowledge to farmers to build a local capacity and improving their current operational farming practices.

The farms are trained accordingly and are constantly working to optimize their practices to obtain ASC certification as quickly as possible. Every little optimization therefore helps people and nature. It can take a while to get ASC certification and we support the smallholders along the way.

In our Luna Shrimp Farms project, we are therefore working on bundling many small scale farmers into groups to work together on implementing the ASC standards. In an initial pilot project, we formed five groups of 25 smallholders each to prepare for ASC certification. ASC has developed a credible framework, the Improver Programme by ASC,  to accommodate and support aquaculture farming that are not ready or eligible for ASC certification but are committed to improving their farming practices through an Aquaculture Improvement Project (AIP).

We are currently in the first phase of the project and will keep you informed about any news regarding AIP.